Press Release

Supporting Refugees in Lambeth

The Migration Museum is hosting a talk on the work performed by community lawyers and activists in supporting refugees. As part of the Migration Museum Project, the museum hosts events which aim to expand knowledge and participation of how migration shapes Britain. The event is scheduled for Tuesday 28th November at 6.30pm until 8pm.


Sophie Henderson, an immigration barrister specialising in asylum and human rights law. Since 2011 she has worked full-time as the director of the Migration Museum Project.

Neena Acharya from the Lambeth Law Centre. Lambeth Law Centre is a legal aid practice which provides assistance and support around housing, immigration, welfare rights, employment and discrimination in the local community. Neena is an immigration solicitor who intends to speak on her recent work supporting Refugee Legal Support (RLS). Started in April 2017 in response to the refugee crisis, RLS organises the travel of UK based immigration lawyers to Athens to provide pro-bono specialist and legal support to refugees.

Barbara Wilson, co-chair of Lambeth Citizens and who will speak on the role of Citizens UK in integrating incoming refugee families around Lambeth. Citizens UK is the hub for community organising in the UK, working to develop the capacity and skills of disadvantaged communities to work towards social justice. Their grassroots work sponsoring refugees has allowed them to host and support incoming refugees around London.

Hannah Gretton is a community organiser with Safe Passage – which fights for safe routes to sanctuary for vulnerable people in need of asylum. Hannah will be speaking about the need for safe passages for unaccompanied asylum-seeking children and the opportunities we have for how we might change this.

Seats are limited so those hoping to attend should RSVP to The Migration Museum can be found at 26 Lambeth High St, Lambeth, London SE1 7AG, with the talk being located on 1st floor. Unfortunately, the talk is not accessible to those requiring the use of lifts.