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Money Advice

Money Advice

Lambeth Law Centre gives advice and help on money and debt issues including negotiation with your creditors, challenging liability, maximising income, advising you on the options available to you, as well as providing legal representation and advocacy.

Our team provides expert advice and casework on a variety of questions and issues including:

  • Unaffordable repayments
  • Summonses
  • Bailiffs
  • Disputing a debt
  • Rip-off creditors
  • Rent and/or council tax arrears
  • Saving my home
  • Debt Relief Orders, Individual Voluntary Arrangements and Bankruptcy


If you call the Law Centre, or come in in person, basic details will be taken by our trained receptionists and a call back arranged by one of our specialists for the Monday telephone advice session. Alternatively, please use our advice contact form.
You are also able to get assistance through the One Lambeth Advice service. This is a centralised service which operates throughout the borough of Lambeth. However, the process is very simple and helps to ensure that you receive the most suitable advice.

Drop In

We have a drop in session at the Law Centre on Wednesday afternoons from 2-4pm. We see people on a first come first served basis and if we are unable to see you at the sesssion your details are taken and you will be called back by an advisor and advised and/or given an appointment.

Thursday Debt Advice Sessions

On Thursday mornings we run pre-booked debt advice sessions- these can be booked via our website using our advice contact form or by calling us on 0207 840 2000 or coming in person during working hours.



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